39 Reasons To Drink Monavie (acai juice)

If you read through the pages of this website you will find more than 39 reasons to drink monavie, but here, right on this page, you will be presented with the most important 39 reasons to drink acai juice (monavie). This page is mostly dedicated to acai, the main ingredient of monavie, which is considered the best fruit in existence. And the reasons for this will be clear after you see what acai berry can do for people’s health.

So, here are the 39 reasons to drink acai juice (monavie):

Reason no.1 Acai berry helps against wrinkles as it contains large amount of anthocyanins and phytisterols which help protect our collagen.

Reason no.2 Drinking acai juice (monavie) will help you become more resistant to all sorts of diseases, as you will be increasing the strength of you immune system.

Reason no.3 If you are a woman, then you will be very happy to learn that the acai berry is very helpful during your menstrual cycle as it will ease the pain during that period.

Reason no.4 In time our skin will start to wear down and if you drink monavie which contains acai, you will be protecting your skin’s outside layer as so you will look younger.

Reason no.5 The acai bery is also able to fight the aging process because it has powerful antioxidants which help our cells to operate at full capacity.

We have just presented just 5 of the 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice) and you can already see how this juice is going to be beneficial for you. As you can see monavie is no scam and the benefits that this drink has are very important. There are some people that think that there are just 36 reasons to drink monavie when in fact you will see that there are much more than that.

Reason no.6 Among the benefits of the acai berry, one that is very important for us is that it can help our vision.

Reason no.7 Did you know that acai berry can even help you lose weight? The berry is able to delay your hunger and aid in controlling your appetite, as the acai berry has a very reduced glycemic index.

Reason no.8 The acai berry is also able to cleanse and detoxify our body, and it has been used for centuries to do so by the locals of the Amazonian Forrest, the place where the acai berry comes from.

Reason no.9 The acai berry has large amounts of anthocyanins which make acai very helpful in protecting our blood vessels.

Reason no.10 Are you having sleep problems? then just start drinking monavie as the acai juice in it has nutrients that help in reducing stress. The acai berry contained in the mona vie drink also helps in the creation of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which make you sleep better.

Reason no.11 Acai has many antibacterial properties and is able to counteract bacteria and parasites which can cause ulcer. So, the acai berry is able to help us fight ulcer.

Now, that we reached number 11 of our 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice), you probably realized what acai juice and mona vie is able to do for our health.

Reason no.12 It is not a 100% sure thing, but it seems that among the benefits of acai, this fruit could be able to decrease the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease. Because, the fruit has large amounts of vitamins C and E, the acai berry helps against this disease.

Reason no.13 For people that have high cholesterol, we have good news, as the acai berry from monavie has the capacity of decreasing the high cholesterol because it has Essential Fatty Acids.

Reason no.14 Acai also offers heart protection against heart diseases because of one important antioxidant called polyphenol. Even more than this, by drinking monavie juice, you are also reducing the chances of ever having any vessel blockage.

Reason no.15 Acai also helps against Osteoporosis as it has calcium in great amounts.

Reason no.16 This is going to be good news for some people, as monavie and acai can improve your sexual health. Acai has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which fights against sterility.

Reason no.17 If you want to have a better mental clarity, just drink monavie.

Reason no.18 Among the acai health benefits we can also talk about the capacity of the beta-sitosterol inside the acai berry to help improve our immune cells.

It really looks like we will have 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice), doesn’t it?

Reason no.19 Acai helps in lowering the risk of having cancer because it has the power to neutralize free radicals that came from pollution and other bad things for our health.

Reason no.20 If you have arthritis then acai can help in relieving the pain caused by it.

Reason no.21 Stop taking vitamins and pills to have more energy! Just start drinking monavie and you will have more energy than you need! Acai has a lot of lipids that will boost up your energy level.

Reason no.22 Acai is also able to fight a lot of viruses and protects and strengthens our immune system in the battle with them.

Reason no.23 The acai berry can act as a really good astringent which means something that shrinks the body tissues (for example the human skin). These substances are mostly used to end the bleeding caused by little cuts.

The list of 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice) will be continued in the near future.

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