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There are a lot of people that have been wondering what the monavie ingredients are. They search for information about the monavie nutrition facts on websites, blogs, forums and discussion boards, and sometimes people won’t find what they are looking for.

Some sources are just incomplete, while others are not any good at all. We are not saying that this little monavie ingredients page is better than any other. We are just trying to help you find the actual monavie ingredients list, the complete one.

Here, on this page, you can find the complete monavie ingredients label, without anything else added except a couple of words on each ingredient of the health juice. This way you can know for sure what this juice is really made off and if you want more details on each one you can read about it elsewhere (we will be adding complete information on each of the monavie ingredients soon, so you can read about them right here on this website).

And because the monavie company has released more than just one health drink, we thought that we would include here all the ingredients of every wellness drink that this company has released. This way, people won’t have to do a different search for monavie ingredients and can find everything right here, on this page.

Monavie Ingredients List (Monavie Regular or Original)

This is the first juice that they have ever released, the core of the whole business and the most known one of them all.

1. Acai 2. Acerola Cherries 3. Apricot 4. Aronia Fruit 5. Bananas 6. Bilberry Fruit 7. Blueberry 8. Camu Camu Berry 9. Cranberry 10. Goji (Wolfberry) 11. Kiwi 12. Lychee Fruit 13. Passion Fruit 14. Pear 15. Pomegranate 16. Purple and White Grapes 17. Prunes 18. Nashi Pears

So, monavie original has 19 ingredients (as there are white and purple grapes in it) and each one is very special in its own way and it is being used as a treatment for different affections.

Monavie Pulse Ingredients List

-The Acai Berry as freeze dried powder -Puree Fruit Blend made out of the following fruits: Camu Camu Cupua├žu Strawberry Acerola - Apple Phyto-Phenolics┬« which is a polyphenol blend - Citric acid - Plant sterols: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids Gum Acacia Emulsified With Corn Syrup Solids - Reconstituted fruit juice mixture made from: Aronia Apple Blueberry Cherries Cranberries Concord Grapes Blackberries Bilberries Pineapple Prickly Pear Pomegranate Yumberry Elderberry Raspberry - Omega-3 from cranberry seed oil - Prezervatives: Potassium sorbate Sodium Benzoate - Natural flavors - Resveratrol

Monavie Active Ingredients List

-Acai Berry in the form of freeze dried powder and acai puree -Fruit purees from: Bilberry Bananas Pears - D-glucosamine Hydrochloride - Esterified Fatty Acids - Citric Acid - Prezervatives: Potassium sorbate Sodium Benzoate - Natural Flavors - Lychee - Camu Camu - White and Purple Grapes - Goji - Acerola - Cranberry - Pomegranate - Kiwi - Passion fruit - Aronia - Prune - Nashi Pears - Blueberry - Apricot

After reading all the monavie ingredients labels, you will probably realize that this juice has a lot of fruits in its components, known fruits that are great on their own, and together form a great mixture called the mona vie drink. Each and every single fruit, starting with the crown jewel that is tha acai berry, gives the health drink some powerful benefits and transform it into a great health provides.

For more monavie nutrition facts, just come back another day, as we will surely post a new page about the complete benefits of each of the fruits from the monavie ingredients label. We will also be adding something about the monavie scam thing that some people seem to be addressing a lot these days. Also, if you have been looking for monavie reviews, you will find them here, in the near future. If you want to be healthy, you can learn more about crystallized ginger which will help you to improve your health.

That’s all for the monavie ingredients label for today, See you later!

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