39 Reasons To Drink Monavie (acai juice)

If you read through the pages of this website you will find more than 39 reasons to drink monavie, but here, right on this page, you will be presented with the most important 39 reasons to drink acai juice (monavie). This page is mostly dedicated to acai, the main ingredient of monavie, which is considered the best fruit in existence. And the reasons for this will be clear after you see what acai berry can do for people’s health.

So, here are the 39 reasons to drink acai juice (monavie):

Reason no.1 Acai berry helps against wrinkles as it contains large amount of anthocyanins and phytisterols which help protect our collagen.

Reason no.2 Drinking acai juice (monavie) will help you become more resistant to all sorts of diseases, as you will be increasing the strength of you immune system.

Reason no.3 If you are a woman, then you will be very happy to learn that the acai berry is very helpful during your menstrual cycle as it will ease the pain during that period.

Reason no.4 In time our skin will start to wear down and if you drink monavie which contains acai, you will be protecting your skin’s outside layer as so you will look younger.

Reason no.5 The acai bery is also able to fight the aging process because it has powerful antioxidants which help our cells to operate at full capacity.

We have just presented just 5 of the 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice) and you can already see how this juice is going to be beneficial for you. As you can see monavie is no scam and the benefits that this drink has are very important. There are some people that think that there are just 36 reasons to drink monavie when in fact you will see that there are much more than that.

Reason no.6 Among the benefits of the acai berry, one that is very important for us is that it can help our vision.

Reason no.7 Did you know that acai berry can even help you lose weight? The berry is able to delay your hunger and aid in controlling your appetite, as the acai berry has a very reduced glycemic index.

Reason no.8 The acai berry is also able to cleanse and detoxify our body, and it has been used for centuries to do so by the locals of the Amazonian Forrest, the place where the acai berry comes from.

Reason no.9 The acai berry has large amounts of anthocyanins which make acai very helpful in protecting our blood vessels.

Reason no.10 Are you having sleep problems? then just start drinking monavie as the acai juice in it has nutrients that help in reducing stress. The acai berry contained in the mona vie drink also helps in the creation of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which make you sleep better.

Reason no.11 Acai has many antibacterial properties and is able to counteract bacteria and parasites which can cause ulcer. So, the acai berry is able to help us fight ulcer.

Now, that we reached number 11 of our 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice), you probably realized what acai juice and mona vie is able to do for our health.

Reason no.12 It is not a 100% sure thing, but it seems that among the benefits of acai, this fruit could be able to decrease the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease. Because, the fruit has large amounts of vitamins C and E, the acai berry helps against this disease.

Reason no.13 For people that have high cholesterol, we have good news, as the acai berry from monavie has the capacity of decreasing the high cholesterol because it has Essential Fatty Acids.

Reason no.14 Acai also offers heart protection against heart diseases because of one important antioxidant called polyphenol. Even more than this, by drinking monavie juice, you are also reducing the chances of ever having any vessel blockage.

Reason no.15 Acai also helps against Osteoporosis as it has calcium in great amounts.

Reason no.16 This is going to be good news for some people, as monavie and acai can improve your sexual health. Acai has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which fights against sterility.

Reason no.17 If you want to have a better mental clarity, just drink monavie.

Reason no.18 Among the acai health benefits we can also talk about the capacity of the beta-sitosterol inside the acai berry to help improve our immune cells.

It really looks like we will have 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice), doesn’t it?

Reason no.19 Acai helps in lowering the risk of having cancer because it has the power to neutralize free radicals that came from pollution and other bad things for our health.

Reason no.20 If you have arthritis then acai can help in relieving the pain caused by it.

Reason no.21 Stop taking vitamins and pills to have more energy! Just start drinking monavie and you will have more energy than you need! Acai has a lot of lipids that will boost up your energy level.

Reason no.22 Acai is also able to fight a lot of viruses and protects and strengthens our immune system in the battle with them.

Reason no.23 The acai berry can act as a really good astringent which means something that shrinks the body tissues (for example the human skin). These substances are mostly used to end the bleeding caused by little cuts.

The list of 39 reasons to drink monavie (acai juice) will be continued in the near future.

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Monavie scam or not?

Is monavie scam or not? Is this a good health juice for us?

This is not suppose to be a final monavie juice review, we are merely analyzing some known facts and putting them all together and drawing a partial conclusion about whether or not monavie juice is scam.

The questions that this page wants to find answers to, or at least highlight some of the important things that relate to this juice and to other drinks alike for that matter, are these:

Can we trust monavie and are those all present, good online monavie testimonials, really true?

Is monavie juice really as beneficial as the fruits that are in it?

Does this drink really cure some affections or at least help and speed recovery?

Or is monavie juice just another scam, a worthless health drink that is not helpful for us?

Mona Vie or monavie juice or however you want to call it, is a well known health drink in its industry and has accumulated a lot of fame fast because of a lot of people that claim to have used the juice and got good results from using it (some times extremely good results). These people have left a bunch of monavie testimonials on the monavie juice official website, on monavie forums, discussions boards, known websites or they have just wrote personal stories about how it changed or improved their lives.

If you wouldn’t know anything monavie juice and you would have started a search for mona vie juice or simply monavie you would find out that there are a lot of sites that push this drink and can’t stop praising it. But are these praises true and is this drink such a great one?

Or is monavie juice scam like others before it? Well, there are some people that call monavie a scam (these are the monavie scam reviews). Some of them speak of the fact that the claims that the juice makes have never been supported by the FDA. Others say that it is just too expensive and doesn’t really do that much good for the human body in order to deserve such a price tag.

There are also other people that call monavie juice a scam because there are other health drinks that they say are better and cheaper (and many such people recommend those health drinks that are better than monavie juice). Most of these people that fit this last category are probably just trying to sell you some other health drink (maybe it’s even better, or maybe not, who knows?) and they have found that calling monavie scam is the best way to get attention and increase their affiliate sales.

Be very careful who you choose to listen and what you choose to buy, as you may end up getting something that someone else wants you to buy, and not yourself (we will talk about this a little later). There are a lot of good monavie juice testimonials from people that state that since they started drinking monavie juice their energy is larger than usual and they fill more alive then they have ever felt in the past.

Some say that their high cholesterol is not so high, others even say that after only drinking mona vie juice for only 2-3 weeks they have seen real improvements in affections that they have had for years. These affections range from add to diabetes. A group of people (not many, but there are some) also claim that monavie juice is no scam and that it has cured their diabetes, heart diseases and the list can go on and on.

Some even say that it can even help against cancer, but who really knows what the truth is? So, is monavie scam or not? You tell me. You are the ones that should know this as users or distributors of this drink. It could be that this is truly a good drink, although it could be a little bit over priced, but this does not necessary mean that we can call monavie scam. The best way to handle things would be to hear your voices, the voices of people that know more about what this drink really does. So, if you have some sort of story, good or bad about this juice, just leave a comment bellow, and if it’s pertinent, it will be published here.

If you are a distributor of monavie and have something to say, leave a comment.

If you are a user that has tried monavie and found it to be good, leave a comment.

If you did use monavie and did not find it useful at all and you think monavie is scam, then share your story.

If you have some sort of monavie testimonials, good or bad, leave them bellow.

We will try to address this matter again, to see if we can get some light in here, but until then, you opinions count a lot, so say what you think about the monavie scam or not question.

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Monavie active diabetes – Is monavie active good for diabetes?

There has been a lot of talk around monavie active and diabetes. Is monavie active good for diabetics? Can monavie help diabetics? All sorts of questions related to this subject are asked daily. So, what is the truth in this whole matter? Can diabetics drink monavie or not? To find out what is the truth we will have to look at a few of the monavie active ingredients and see if they are good against diabetes, because if they are, then it could mean that the whole purple juice is good for this.

1. One of the monavie ingredients are prunes which are mostly known for being utilized for medicine and treatments regarding the aging process. Another thing that not many persons know is that prunes are also used in the manufacturing of medications used for diabetes. So, prunes and diabetes are close as one is fighting against the other. And because prunes are so good in fighting this, this means that monavie active will also be pretty good at the same thing. There is nothing sure about this, but having prunes inside leads us to think that this sort of mona vie will be good for this issue.

2. Aronia is another one of the fruits within monavie active. This fruit interests us because it can be eaten by diabetics as it is a known anti-diabetic food. It is also used for medications against cancer or cardiac illnesses. So, aronia is another one of those fruits that is used in fighting diabetes. But the best part of all of this is that aronia is also an anti diabetic food and can thus be eaten by people with this particular issue.

And these are just two of monavie’s ingredients that are also good for helping people with diabetes. There are some other ones that are also good, but just by seeing what these 2 can do, we can say that it is possible that monavie active diabetes is not just something made up. There could be some truth to all of this and this juice could actually be worth trying and seeing what it can do. Of course you should always ask the advice of a doctor and see what he says about monavie and diabetes.

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Reviews on monavie & diabetes – Is monavie good for diabetes?

There are plenty of reviews on monavie & diabetes and monavie and diabetes testimonials online. Some of them are actually very useful for people who don’t know exactly what the monavie juice can do for diabetics. One of the things you can learn from these sort of posts or articles is that you can not know for sure if your particular type of diabetes can be somehow helped by drinking mona vie. This is the best thing you can hear.

Why? Because it can help you keep away from making a big mistake and taking monavie without consulting a doctor first. Although monavie seems to be good for a lot of health issues it is not good for everyone. It all can change one case to another, so you never know exactly if monavie helps diabetes in your case. So, can diabetics drink monavie juice? Well, according to the positive monavie and diabetes testimonials we could say that monavie is helpful in this case.

But, when we read the other testimonies, the ones that say that they did not find monavie helpful whatsoever for diabetes, we should do the exact opposite. Which means that you can’t be sure of nothing. So, what can you truly take from all of these reviews on monavie and diabetes? The only thing we can take is the fact that nothing is going to cure diabetes because there are no wonder drinks or pills around.

The only thing that monavie can do for diabetics is to somewhat improve their health, but the cases where it is actually decisive in curing this issue are very rare. So, does monavie help diabetes? Yes, but only in some cases while in others it will do nothing. You can not just expect something to solve all your problems. You can always talk to a specialist and ask what would be best in your case, but do not trust anyone that is not a doctor because you might end up making a big mistake. And this is your health we are talking about. It does not matter what some monavie and diabetes testimonials say, be careful what you do.

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Monavie and diabetes – Can diabetics drink monavie juice?

Can diabetics drink monavie juice? Is there some sort of relationship between monavie juice and diabetes? Are the monavie and diabetes testimonials actually honest? There are people that have said that monavie helps with diabetes so this is a start, yet we can’t be sure that the mona vie will work in your case. Although some individuals have wrote interesting monavie diabetes testimonials, this does not mean that they are all true.

What? Yes, some of them could be fake while others are true. And it is very hard to distinguish between the true ones and the false ones. It is almost impossible to do that. So what can we do to make sure that we know the truth about this juice? One thing we can do is to speak to people you know and see if they found monavie useful. Ask them if they used this drink and if they did you will get a lot of good details from them. And the best thing is that you will get the truth this time. You don’t have to ask yourself if they are telling the whole truth because you know them.

You can also read the monavie and diabetes testimonials and take what you think is good from there. You can’t be sure that they are telling the truth but, it is better than nothing. There is one thing you could do but it is kind of hard to do and there is not guarantee that you will get your answers. What you can do is to try to find the people that have left these monavie diabetes testimonies and talk to them on the phone. If you manage to get reach of at least one of them, then you will get a lot of good answers that will solve some problems for you.

But, you might not get in touch with these people because it is hard to do. Yet, if you do you can ask them about their experience with this juice and see what they see about it. You can ask them if monavie helps diabetics and how much time did they have to take it to see some results. But, no matter what you do, it is always advised to ask a doctor prior to drinking or taking anything for improving your diabetes. You should only talk to professionals before doing things that can affect your health.

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Are those monavie and diabetes testimonials true?

There are at least a few monavie and diabetes testimonials on the internet. Most of them speak of stories that are pretty hard to believe, especially for someone who is a diabetic. They say that people have improved their type II diabetes or in some rare cases, even cured it. Are these only rumors or could there be some truth to all these monavie and diabetes testimonials. There are so many questions online about this sort of thing, and here are just some of them:

Does monavie help diabetes? Is monavie active ok for diabetes? Can diabetics drink monavie juice? Does monavie affect diabetes? Is the sugar in monavie going to affect diabetics?

So, as you can see there are a couple of interesting questions about the subject of mona vie and diabetes, yet we can’t find a lot of answers to those questions. In most cases, the little answers that can be found online are found inside testimonials from ordinary people that used this purple juice and seen improvements in their conditions. This means that there truly are people that have found mona vie useful against diabetes. But, can we be sure that this drink is good for all diabetics?

The short answer to this last question would be a sure no. Why no? Because there can’t be any kind of certainty when it comes to an affection like diabetes is. We can’t just say that diabetes and monavie juice are in some sort of connection and that the juice helps against this affection. There is no proof that it could work for every person and every type of diabetes.

We know that there are some persons that while drinking mona vie found out that it did good things for their issue, but this does not mean that it always works. The best way to do things would be to talk to a doctor first and see what he thinks would be best in your particular case. You don’t want to make things even worse by using something that might actually be bad for you. Just play it safe and speak to a doctor.

So, there is some truth in all those monavie and diabetes testimonials, yet we can’t just assume that it will work for every person because there are also testimonies from people that have not seen any kind of improvement after drinking monavie. This means that you would be best to not put your faith in this juice when it comes to your diabetes because you can’t be sure it works.

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2 facts about monavie and diabetes

What is the connection between monavie and diabetes? Is the purple juice any good for people who have diabetes? Monavie is good for a lot of things and can truly improve health and fitness, but not even this drink can cure diabetes on its own. It is good for this affection, yet one must always seek the advice of a doctor before even trying to use it for this purpose. There are people that have felt improvements with there diabetes after drinking monavie for consistent periods of time, yet no one can say that this juice is able to eliminate this issue on its own.

Yet, there are a couple of monavie and diabetes facts that we can recall now just to observe the antioxidants and powerful fruits that this drink has (most of them being actively used for creating medication against diabetes):

For example, the monavie juice contains bilberries which are small fruits that are currently utilized for the treatment of a affection related to diabetes. One of the benefits of these fruits is the ability to improve health in cases of night blindness. Also, it is a know fact that bilberries will strengthen the eye capillaries of a person. And, getting to what interests us most, which is the correlation between monavie and diabetes and this is: these fruits are used for treating diabetes related eye disorders. They do not cure this problem, but will slow down the process.

Another example would be the goji. This is also contained in the monavie juice. Know as wolfberry or even as the “herb of longevity” in China, this fruit is packed with antioxidants. It is used to strengthen our immune system and to make us live longer. Goji berry is also utilized for the preparation of medications that aid diabetics. It is a fruit which is used for different kinds of treatments against diabetes.

So, there you have it. Already two of the main fruits contained in this juice are already utilized for treating this affection. This means that this purple juice is also good for helping in these cases, but again, we recommend you talk to a doctor about this. There is certainly a strong connection between monavie and diabetes but a doctor knows best.

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Monavie Active Information

Monavie Active, along Monavie, Monavie Pulse, Monavie E and Monavie Kosher are part of the juices developed by the Monavie company. All juices, except for Monavie E, have the same ingredients, a blend of 19 fruits that is more than a sweet juice, is a nutritional juice that allows you to use these fruits for your health.

The Monavie Active juice is available both bottled and in the gel pack version  and van be easily distinguished from the other juices of the Monavie brand as each product has its own distinctive color, green being the color for Mona vie Active.

In the Monavie Active juice you will find the same 19 fruits blend that made Monavie such a successful drink worldwide: first and most important being the acai berry, followed by bilberries, aronias, kiwi, bananas, prunes, nashi pears, lychee fruits, white grapes, purple grapes, pears, wolfberries, blueberries, apricots, acerola cherries, pomegranates, cranberries, camu camu berries , passion fruits.

If there were used only these fruit than they should have called the juice just Monavie, why call it Active, right? Well, because the Monavie Active health juice has some additional ingredients: plant derived glucosamine and antioxidants .

Let’s start by speaking about glucosamine and why it’s an important ingredient of the Monavie Active blend. Glucosamine is a compound found in our bodies, being a key factor in the development of the cartilages and can also protect joints. There are three types of glucosamine and those are: glucosamine sulfate,glucosamine hydrochloride and N-acetyl glucosamine.

Two of those are better as the transformation process in pure glucosamine in our body is the quickest. We can go even further and if we look at their results, we will notice that glucosamine hydrochloride is more than 79% glucosamine, the 21% remaining being various compounds, and the sulfate one contains maximum 52% glucosamine. The researchers from the Monavie Company decided to use glucosamine hydrochloride in the Monavie Active juice to maximize the benefits of the consumer.

The next point on our list is represented by the antioxidants. These are just like superheroes, fighting evil, more precisely the free radicals. These radicals can be present in our body due to having a bad diet, too much smoking, both active and passive, sleepless nights and also stress.

Even if we try to avoid some of the things that make the free radicals to be present in our bodies, it’s almost impossible to avoid all as our life is becoming more and more busier and we have to deal with things that our parents and grandfathers didn’t had to.

This is where the antioxidants come in handy as they will neutralize the free radicals and they will not be harmful for our body any more. You can get lots of antioxidants from the fruits and vegetable that you eat every day (or you should eat) but they are not enough to be able to deal with the increasing amount of free radicals found in our bodies. This is why The Monavie Active has on the list of ingredients antioxidants, among other Mona vie ingredients.

What benefits you get from drinking Monavie Active?

The answer is: a lot of benefits. To be more specific, I will list of the results you will see due to every ingredient that Monavie Active contains.

The hydrochloride glucosamine increases your mobility and allows you have a busy day without feeling pain in your joints. The antioxidants clear your body of free radicals, leaving your body clean and protected. The 19 monavie active ingredients give you energy, healthy joints, wellness and also a healthier body. The Monavie Active juice powers up you life, helping you to have an active day without feeling pain and also to enjoy a healthy life every day. Another helpful thing is a maple syrup diet that will bring lots of benefits to you.

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Monavie and Diabetes – What Can Monavie Do for Diabetics?

People say a lot of things about Monavie, but there is a category of people that are still wondering if monavie can help against diabetes. What these people are looking for is a way to help them fight this affection and have a general improved health. Can the monavie drink do this?

In this article, we will analyze some of the aspects regarding monavie and diabetes so that we can see if this health juice has some benefits for diabetics. If it does then that is great and if it doesn’t then at least you will know and move on.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.1

The monavie juice has among its components some little fruits called prunes. You must have heard about them for sure. These fruits are widely used for preventing and also treating affections that relate to aging and they are also used for…the treatment of diabetes. So, the fact that the monavie fruit juice has prunes is a good reason why it will be good against diabetes.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.2

This little truth regards monavie and blood sugar, as the health drink has very little sugar, which is the sugar coming from the fruits inside it, and this is why this acai based juice is safe for people with diabetes.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.3

Have you ever heard of bilberries? If you do not know anything about these little fruits, then you will be interested to know that they are used in treating a diabetes related affection. The known fact about bilberries is that they are being utilized to strengthen our eye capillaries and also used in the treatment of night blindness.

But, what not many individuals know is that the fruits are also utilized against diabetes related eye disorders as they have the capacity to slow down this kind of affections.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.4

Here is a question that people are asking about monavie and diabetes: Can Type I diabetics drink Monarch products? Is this safe for the?

And here is the answer to this question: It is very rare for a Diabetic Type I to be overweight, and in this case, it is not infrequent for Diabetic Type I to be misdiagnosed as such and really be Diabetic Type II. Typically the shakes, bars, and vitamins can be used as snacks, although, as always, we recommend that you consult with your health care provider. With diabetes, it is always advisable to check sugar blood levels regularly, especially when you make any changes in diet.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.5

Another one of the monavie ingredients called aronia is also a good helper for diabetes. This fruit is used in treatments for cardiac illnesses and cancer. The aronia fruit has trace minerals which make it a great anti-diabetic food.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.6

You probably have not heard of the goji fruit before, have you? This fruit is also known as wolfberry and in China, the country of its origins is called “the herb of longevity”. Why is it called this way? Because of its great amount of antioxidants that help our immune system and offer an extra amount of longevity to the people that consume this fruit.

This fruit is extremely helpful for a large amount of affections and diseases, but what we are interested in is if wolfberry can help against diabetes. And, yes it can. The fruit is used in formulating treatments for this affection.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.7

Here is a question that people are asking about monavie and diabetes: Is Monavie Active safe for people with diabetes?

And here is the answer to this question: “Technically glucosamine is a carbohydrate. The body is not able to convert it into glucose so it does not provide additional sources of glucose. If you are a diabetic, check first with your doctor and always monitor your blood sugar. In diabetes, many factors can lead to changing blood sugar levels. Studies show glucosamine did not affect insulin sensitivity in humans.” (Pouwels 2001)

Monavie and diabetes truth no.8

And yet another one of the monavie ingredients which is named pomegranate is able to help people that are diabetics. This fruit has many antioxidants, in fact it has a larger quantity of antioxidants than the known red wine (and red wine has plenty too), and even more than cranberry juice and green tea.

Now, if you haven’t heard of this fruit and even if you have, you probably do not know that it is used for a very special thing which is clearing plaque from our inner arterial walls. And, after a couple of complex studies, it has discovered that pomegranate is also efficient in fighting diabetes.

Monavie and diabetes truth no.9

The Acerola cherries, one of the ingredients of the monavie drink, is able to fight against diabetes. Its great amounts of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins make it a redoubtable adversary of diabetes.

So this is another plus in the monavie and diabetes game. It seems that monavie is truly helpful for people with diabetes as it has a lot of ingredients that are separately used for treating diabetes.

And, we even have an interesting monavie and diabetes testimonials from someone who has experienced the effects of this health drink on himself. Read it and see what you think.

Monavie and diabetes testimonial

“I am 27 years old, and my work includes having been a Bounty Hunter in Colorado for about 8 years. About 4 years ago, I noticed I was losing the feeling in my feet. Walking became increasingly difficult because the numbness was making it hard to balance myself. The doctor told me I had Type II diabetes and had probably had it for 5-6 years. I started drinking ‘Acai Active Blend’ on January 8th, 2005 and by March I had gained back almost all the feeling in my feet. Walking is natural and easy again, and my knees don’t crack the way they used to.

I’m drinking a total of around 3 ounces a day. I’m also giving my 5-year-old daughter two ounces a day of the ‘Acai Original Blend’. After about 6-8 weeks, I began noticing that she was much more calm and relaxed. She seemed to have a new sense of well being and serenity about her and was thinking things through before just acting on them as she’d done in the past. Even her teacher at school has commented and says Laree is now getting her work done on time, has much better concentration and is less aggressive on the playground. This product has made a dramatic difference in our lives, and I’ll greatly appreciate it forever.”

Shaun Lawrence – Colorado

If you have a monavie and diabetes testimonial please send it to us and we will publish it here, on this page, for other people to see as well.

Monavie and diabetes conclusion

So, did we answer the question about monavie and diabetes? Can diabetics drink Monavie? The answer, from what we have analyzed today, is yes they can.

But, like always, when dealing with affections, do not only rely on this juice or on any other thing for that matter to treat your problems. You should always consult a doctor before doing anything.

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Monavie ingredients list for all types of monavie

There are a lot of people that have been wondering what the monavie ingredients are. They search for information about the monavie nutrition facts on websites, blogs, forums and discussion boards, and sometimes people won’t find what they are looking for.

Some sources are just incomplete, while others are not any good at all. We are not saying that this little monavie ingredients page is better than any other. We are just trying to help you find the actual monavie ingredients list, the complete one.

Here, on this page, you can find the complete monavie ingredients label, without anything else added except a couple of words on each ingredient of the health juice. This way you can know for sure what this juice is really made off and if you want more details on each one you can read about it elsewhere (we will be adding complete information on each of the monavie ingredients soon, so you can read about them right here on this website).

And because the monavie company has released more than just one health drink, we thought that we would include here all the ingredients of every wellness drink that this company has released. This way, people won’t have to do a different search for monavie ingredients and can find everything right here, on this page.

Monavie Ingredients List (Monavie Regular or Original)

This is the first juice that they have ever released, the core of the whole business and the most known one of them all.

1. Acai 2. Acerola Cherries 3. Apricot 4. Aronia Fruit 5. Bananas 6. Bilberry Fruit 7. Blueberry 8. Camu Camu Berry 9. Cranberry 10. Goji (Wolfberry) 11. Kiwi 12. Lychee Fruit 13. Passion Fruit 14. Pear 15. Pomegranate 16. Purple and White Grapes 17. Prunes 18. Nashi Pears

So, monavie original has 19 ingredients (as there are white and purple grapes in it) and each one is very special in its own way and it is being used as a treatment for different affections.

Monavie Pulse Ingredients List

-The Acai Berry as freeze dried powder -Puree Fruit Blend made out of the following fruits: Camu Camu Cupuaçu Strawberry Acerola - Apple Phyto-Phenolics® which is a polyphenol blend - Citric acid - Plant sterols: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids Gum Acacia Emulsified With Corn Syrup Solids - Reconstituted fruit juice mixture made from: Aronia Apple Blueberry Cherries Cranberries Concord Grapes Blackberries Bilberries Pineapple Prickly Pear Pomegranate Yumberry Elderberry Raspberry - Omega-3 from cranberry seed oil - Prezervatives: Potassium sorbate Sodium Benzoate - Natural flavors - Resveratrol

Monavie Active Ingredients List

-Acai Berry in the form of freeze dried powder and acai puree -Fruit purees from: Bilberry Bananas Pears - D-glucosamine Hydrochloride - Esterified Fatty Acids - Citric Acid - Prezervatives: Potassium sorbate Sodium Benzoate - Natural Flavors - Lychee - Camu Camu - White and Purple Grapes - Goji - Acerola - Cranberry - Pomegranate - Kiwi - Passion fruit - Aronia - Prune - Nashi Pears - Blueberry - Apricot

After reading all the monavie ingredients labels, you will probably realize that this juice has a lot of fruits in its components, known fruits that are great on their own, and together form a great mixture called the mona vie drink. Each and every single fruit, starting with the crown jewel that is tha acai berry, gives the health drink some powerful benefits and transform it into a great health provides.

For more monavie nutrition facts, just come back another day, as we will surely post a new page about the complete benefits of each of the fruits from the monavie ingredients label. We will also be adding something about the monavie scam thing that some people seem to be addressing a lot these days. Also, if you have been looking for monavie reviews, you will find them here, in the near future. If you want to be healthy, you can learn more about crystallized ginger which will help you to improve your health.

That’s all for the monavie ingredients label for today, See you later!

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